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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Harmon Business Academy (HBA), Nigeria. The information presented here is only a part of our continuing effort to serve students, staff, alumni, and our constituents in the business community. We invite you to be our partners in the quest for excellence, Capacity Building; hence we welcome your suggestions for making this site a perfect source of answers for your questions.

The programme described here reflects our conviction that education changes lives. The website introduces prospective students, others seeking short-term professional and executive development courses and business services to the opportunities that await you at HBA Nigeria – arguably the most aesthetically pleasing environment for learning in the Nigeria.

As you peruse our site, you will acquire a sense of value of our high-quality curriculum, which is shaped by global trends but oriented towards the reality of the Nigeria context. HBA Nigeria offers an excellent learning environment with a blend of local and international faculty capable of engaging students and enlightening even the most experienced business person. What you may not discern from merely visiting the site is the extent to which the approaches we adopt both encourage our students to transcend the text-book treatment of the material they encounter and facilitate the critical thinking and synthesis required for effective problem-solving and decision-making and equip them to operate at new levels of excellence.

The Harmony Business Academy (HBA), Nigeria is a Nigerian business school approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and accredited by International Accreditation Organization. DHBA offers a suite of academic and professional development programme across different areas and specializations in business and management.

HBA Nigeria has been providing a quality business education for few years. Thanks again for visiting our website and we look forward to welcoming you into the HBA Nigeria experience in any course of study in the near future as we continually position ourselves to help our stakeholders achieve their potential.

Dr. Ikezahu Osagie Success (Amb)


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